Quality management



The topic of quality is of the utmost importance at KHP Kunststofftechnik GmbH

We supply our customers with premium quality products and provide exacting services.

1. Team

High quality necessitates clear management, high awareness of quality among all employees, and frequent checks during and after production. Every one of our employees is an important part of the big picture, playing their own role in the success of our quality targets. This ensures that our customers high quality requirements can be met.

2. On Schedule

We meet deadlines and immediately process and reply to requests, thoroughly oversee orders from entry to shipping, and hand over to shipping service providers on schedule.

3. Error Prevention

For us, it’s clear that it’s best to prevent errors rather than having to solve them later on. We aspire to the ZERO ERROR RATE, because this is the only way for a company to be financially successful and enjoy an optimum cost structure.

4. Suppliers

We verify our suppliers and partners to ensure that they fulfil our quality standards. They’re also thoroughly certified. Because we can only achieve our customer goals if our partners supply us with quality products and services. The good relationships with our suppliers have been built on mutual dependability—strong partnerships that have been formed over the years.

5. Environment and Climate

We take a protective stance on energy and raw materials and are committed beyond simply operational interests. Environmental aspects include energy consumption, emissions, refuse, waste water, and bundled delivery. Even indirect factors such as the life cycle of products, administrative and planning decisions, and contractor behaviour can have significant effects. Setting environmental standards requires responsible behaviour both inside and outside the company. In addition to our highly-efficient, resource-saving products, we pay special attention to the reduction potential of energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++

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